Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a showroom?

No we don’t!  We feel as a small business our customers are happier knowing they are not paying for unnecessary overheads usually associated with a high end product such as ours. We also believe the best way to show the quality of our work is to invite potential customers to view completed projects in our customers own homes. We find that our customers are only to happy to show their new kitchens and help others in the process as they had once done.
“After all a personal recommendation is always the best way to gain confidence in any business.”


I am based outside of Devon – will you still be able to make my kitchen for me?

We have installed kitchens throughout southern England from Bristol to Brighton and will always travel for a discerning customer. Usually we like to ask for an Idea of the budget and scale of the project before spending too much travelling outside of Devon. A positive way for new customer to help in this regard can be to forward plans or a scaled drawing of their kitchen space, this will help us establish the likely costs involved for project.


How much does a DPK kitchen cost?

“How long is a piece of string?”

This will always depend on the scale of the project, materials used and goods supplied. Whilst many of our projects require full renovation including structural alterations it is not uncommon for us to just replace cupboards & worktops as required. A typical break down of costs to supply a basic custom made kitchen can be found below;

Cabinetry                   from  £10,000.00 INC VAT

Granite worktops     from  £2,000.00 INC VAT

Installation                 from  £1,500.00 INC VAT

Other items to consider; Appliances, Tiling, Flooring, Decorating, Sink & Taps, Plumbing & Electrical work, building alterations.

A typical full refurbishment of a kitchen measuring 16 square metres will be in the order of            £17-£20,000 INC VAT


How long will it take to before I will see my new kitchen?

It will depend on how busy we are at the time of placing the order and how urgently the kitchen is required. We usually find it takes around 2-3 weeks to go through the design & pricing stage before we are given the commission. Once a deposit has been placed a mutually convenient installation date can be agreed and the wheels will be put in motion. It is probably fare to say that a period of 4-8 weeks would normally be required to manufacture the goods ready for installation. Whilst this might seem a bit of a delay most customers use this time to source outstanding items for the project such as; Tiling, floor covering and appliances Etc. The onsite installation time will depend on the size of the project and if it requires building alterations. However it will normally take 2-3 weeks to complete a comprehensive installation.


Can we see our kitchen being made?

Yes you can, we often invite our customers to the workshop to see their cabinetry in the various stages of production. Sometimes these visits can help in the final decision making on things like choice of colours & door furniture. Some customers also like to build up a photographic record of their renovation project, we are proud to feature our workshop skills as part of this portfolio which will help create a great record to look back on in the years to come.

Are you able to make a kitchen or piece of furniture to my design?

Yes, we are always happy when a customer has a clear idea on how they want their furniture to look. This will usually save on time spent in consultation and can help reduce the time delay in getting started especially if design drawings can be produced.


Do you work with other designers and Architects?

Yes we do and this is an important part of our business! We have been asked to manufacture cabinetry for many projects including high-end new builds and the commercial market.

We have also completed many shop fitting projects which include supplying bespoke bars & cabinetry for restaurants, Salons and Hotels. (Please see our portfolio of other projects to see what we can make)


Do you supply appliances and associated products?

Yes, we can supply most makes of appliances and give some sound advice on the equipment you might need for your impending project. Primarily we are cabinet makers and do not profess to be experts in this field but with years of experience in the kitchen industry we can give sound advice on many of the products on today’s market. Many of our customers like to source their own appliances and we always work with them to make sure they are ordering the correct items to fit into the overall design chosen.


Can you work with our existing appliances?

Yes, we can if requested. We try to give advice on the pros & cons of designing a new kitchen around old products that will not outlive the new kitchen we will build for them.       To do this can often be false economy in the long run and the latest electrical goods will be more efficient saving money over time. However we do understand most people have a budget to work to, so to abandon a quality appliance that doesn’t seem that old can be a step too far for some people, We will always listen and respect our customer’s wishes in this regard.


What is DPK’s environmental policy?

Whilst having a new kitchen cannot be argued as being the greatest contribution to saving the world we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and try to limit our impact on the environment by taking the following measures;

  • We only use timber from replenish able stocks which can be traced through TRADA
  • We use water based paints & adhesives and avoid solvent based products where possible
  • We ensure that old white goods and valuable metals are recycled
  • We can assist customers by carefully removing their old kitchens to be passed on to others for reuse if required
  • Our workshop timber waste is carefully collected as wood shavings used for “animal bedding” and the larger “off cuts of timber” used in our own wood burners.


Why does being a member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen set you apart from the competition?

As a company who prides itself on producing high end furniture the “Guild of master craftsman” became the natural choice for us to be affiliated with. The Guild has widely been recognised as the industries oldest and most respected trade association providing members with additional credibility in an unregulated industry. We believe the Guild provides extra peace of mind for our new customers who like the extra assurance that we are “answerable and judged” on the way we conduct ourselves in the day to day running of our business.

Please visit the Guilds website to read more and see how we have been rated!

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